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Sonorefiction Mirages


         Keolis (wind heartbeat) 

         À la paresse 


         Pagura's home 

         Silent watering 

         Silver lagoon 

         Plastic ducks factory 


         Pyrenean echoes 

         UmanS go home! 

         4 months later: a Lovecraft


         Lolib dance 



 7 € 

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GRANADA (España)


c/ Horno de Abad, 12 

(frente a Sala Planta Baja)


Este disco recoge en un largo y profundo viaje sonoro de 71 minutos una selección de doce exquisitas y placenteras piezas compuestas entre los años 2008 y 2011 por el proyecto francés sito en un pueblecito cercano a Lille -al norte del país- Sonorefiction. Se desmarca, en su planteamiento y desarrollo, por el amor por la naturaleza, lo que se refleja en la inclusión de grabaciones de campo de ecosistemas campestres y marítimos, y por el hecho de hacer hincapié en el valor del silencio en el entorno. Un álbum de una musicalidad que se desplaza y danza sinuosamente entre la electroacústica y el dub, el minimalismo y los grandes espacios, las visiones microscópicas y los enfoques telescópicos, muy disfrutable como música de ambiente, invitando al periplo, a la observación, a la contemplación, pero altamente recomendable también como propuesta para una escucha atenta, dada su riqueza sonora y su gran desenvoltura en la capacidad compositiva. Un conjunto generoso, que respira y nos estimula a respirar hondamente, lo que agradecemos. En pocas palabras, esta obra nos aporta inmensidad a la vez que cercanía, y una plenitud ejemplar. Es éste el primer larga duración en soporte físico del autor, tras numerosos EP editados en netlabels (Monokrak y Sirona Records). El propio Sonorefiction, como alma curiosa, es el responsable de otro sello, nacido hace tan sólo unos meses: Bruits Netlabel, orientado a la música experimental.  


Diseño gráfico

Sonorefiction y

Sarah Vacher




Enero de 2012






Ars Sonora: Luscinia Discos I 10/5/2014:

"4 months later: a Lovecraft tribute"

désert culturel 16/2/2012:

"À la paresse"

vital weekly # 818:

"À la paresse"

désert culturel 7/2/2012:







" Nice music, various emotions and ambiences! If you like to meditate, to contemplate and to hear the breath of the earth. listen Mirages! I love "Keolis" and "Silent Watering". "Sylver Lagoon" is very nice to calm down children!... Thanks Sonrefiction for all this musical emotions. " (droledoiselle, 6/8/2012)


" With its first physical release, Sonorefiction from Lille, France, intends to take the listener on a journey “beyond the rational.” Rhythmic ambience might be the right prism through which to view its sound, lightly choreographed, ritual mind dances. The duo have adapted a variety of folk pulses—Native American, Hindu, Latin—and assimilated them into Mirages without having them seem this least bit out of place among his own, homegrown beats. And he has sculpted sonic textures that although airy are far from insubstantial.

There is a locomotive and alpine motif that threads its way through the album. ”Keolis (Wind Heartbeat)” opens the album very organically, but even the by-rote and electronically programmed drumming—”À la Paresse” and ”Noma” are good examples—has a lively pliancy, like young, green branches. The rhythms and the ambiences are perfectly complementary, neither overtaking the other. It’s the whirling of the universe and the earth humming along. Both are subtle but distinct. “Pagura’s Home” draws deep, underwater breaths and is reminiscent of some of the classic moments of the second wave of ambient music, not unlike a warmer-climate Biosphere.

“Silent Watering” is an animated mash-up of field recording and deft drum’n bass, where a splashing, gurgling stream is converted into a beat. Directly after, “Silver Lagoon” comes literally crashing in, carrying an utterly mood-changing, funky bassline groove in on its curl. The ten-minute “Ayashuasca,” named after a psychoactive vine which grows in Peru brewed into tea and imbided by shamans, gives a mild and pleasant, bongo-beat buzz. The other lengthy track is dedicated to “weird fiction” pioneer H.P. Lovecraft. With its viscous, woozy atmosphere and tinny, strangulated vocal rant, it’s the bad trip on the album, a trip which fortunately ends with the exhilarating, head stuck out the window of a train rushing through the mountains “LoLib Dance,” not unreminiscent of Banco da Gaia’s “Last Train to Lhasa,” but less cluttered.

At seventy-one minutes, it is a generous, diverse offering. The mix of approaches works since there is a strong, unifying theme and intent. " (Stephen Fruitman, Igloo Magazine, 4/8/2012)


" Sonorefiction from Lille [...] already had some releases on net labels and 'Mirages' is their first physical release. Its total electronic music and the first few pieces here reminded me of the classic Chain Reaction sound. Bouncing rhythms from machines, feeding through echo and delay machines with not strict dance music but its never far away. That's not the tone for the entire release however, since there is also pieces that are more ambient like including spacious synthesizers and field recordings of running water. Then is that curious piece of lounge music in 'Silver Lagoon' (their titles give away something, there is also 'Silent Watering'…). I thought this was a great release, highly varied (and that is what makes it original) electronic music of great quality. [...] I played this three times in a row while doing the accounting for last year. I wonder why nobody's ever heard of them? Surely there are adventurous labels out there who like a new name to dance-like tunes? " (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly # 818, 7/2/2012)





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